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The Optimum Vacation

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Traveler priorities are changing as we look ahead to post-COVID-19 travel

It’s pretty safe to say that travel’s going to look very different for quite a while, once we all get back on the go again following extensive stay-at-home orders and quarantines. If you’re itching to get back to exploring, though, you’re likely already looking ahead to future vacations, planning and plotting your next big trip. But how will that trip be different from vacations of the past, and what factors should you consider as you do all that planning?


It’s a question many frequent travelers, travel publications and travel brands are all asking: What does the optimum future vacation look like? What are traveler priorities going to be late 2020 and beyond?


Research and our experience as a luxury travel provider both point to several key things travelers are going to be looking for when vacationing post-coronavirus, and these are all things you should be considering as well — not only for your safety, but for your peace of mind and overall enjoyment of your next trip.

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The U.S. Virgin Islands Beckon


Learn how the U.S. Virgin Islands are one of the destinations of choice for travelers right now.

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Factors to Consider When Booking Your Next Vacation 

No matter what kind of traveler you are or what kind of travel you like, these eight factors to consider when booking your next vacation will apply to you. In fact, they’ll apply to the entire world of travel as we all adjust to a new normal. 


Just because we might be able to travel again in the near future, that doesn’t mean that we’ll want to be jammed into the middle of a bunch of other travelers at a crowded resort or on a packed cruise ship. Most travelers will still practice a fair amount of social distancing.


Privacy is going to be a huge deal for many travelers moving forward, as they want to keep their distance from the hordes while still enjoying their favorite aspects of travel, whether that be luxurious accommodations, fine dining, sailing or the best beaches. Some may choose to book a private villa or even a private island, or some may choose to charter a private yacht for the extent of their trip, which can then take them to those more secluded beaches and other spots where they’ll have the level of privacy they desire. 



We can all probably agree the last thing we need in our lives right now is more stress. There’s so much of it in our lives already, between working from home, keeping our loved ones safe and healthy and just the general state of the world. Planning a perfect vacation doesn’t need to be stressful, too.


Once we can all get back to traveling, it’s very likely that most travelers will opt for the travel experiences that come with the least amount of stress. This might mean booking an all-inclusive option (and not necessarily at a resort, either) or an option that requires minimal planning and preparation on the traveler’s end.



A little different from the privacy factor, population will come into play when travelers are looking at the actual destinations they’ll visit, versus how they plan to stay and play while in that destination. It’s not likely travelers will want to swarm to big cities and urban hubs where there’s a greater likelihood of a sudden illness outbreak or a greater chance of simply catching an illness in passing on the street.


Luckily, there are plenty of more remote destinations where travelers can enjoy their desired mix of privacy, luxury and fun — like many Caribbean destinations, for example!

What #captainRoy not on the water?!? ...



Of course, when you travel to some remote destinations with lower populations, you run into the issue of not having access to reliable healthcare. 


Even if a destination does have plentiful healthcare options, such as hospitals and medical clinics, you additionally want to ensure that you’ll be able to access those options as a visitor, either affordably or with your insurance. (Not to mention — it also just helps if those healthcare providers have staff who speak your first language.) 


When adding this factor to the mix, travelers will need to strike a delicate balance between choosing a destination with a lower population and plenty of privacy, but also healthcare options on top of that.



Okay, yes — you’ll want some of those creature comforts on your next big vacation, but why not treat yourself to a little luxury, too? After all, you’ve been quarantining, and wearing a mask and working from home (maybe homeschooling while you’re at it). So you deserve a bit of pampering!


After all, who wants to clean up or cook or work while on a vacation, especially when you’re on a vacation as badly needed as your next one? 


Luxury is definitely a factor to consider when booking your next getaway. Make your trip as easy as possible.

(Large and) Family-Friendly


Who are the first people you’re going to want to see and spend time with once all the social-distancing guidelines are lifted? Probably your extended family and, if not your actual family, then your found family of good friends. 


At the end of all this, we predict many travelers will want to get away with their favorite people, and so they’re going to need accommodations and activities that are not only private, but also large enough to fit small groups. 


Creature Comforts


We’ve all been quarantining and self-isolating for months! Of course we’re going to develop some fondness for our creature comforts!


This is another factor that you’ll want to consider when choosing a remote or low-population destination. Will you still have access to those creature comforts that you crave?


From WiFi to your favorite snacks, while we all want to get away from home when we can, we’ll probably still want a few of our favorite aspects of home on our next adventures as well. 

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Remote yet Accessible


No passport required and a few hours away, everything you need to know about the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

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Power Yacht Charters


Yachting through the Caribbean on your own private luxury yacht is the ultimate vacation. Now's the time to make it a reality.  



And the last factor you’ll want to take into account when booking your first big post-COVID trip? Variety. 


You’ve been staring at the same four walls for weeks on end. Don’t spend your vacation staring at a new set of same four walls. Get yourself a different view! Whether that means island hopping via private plane or floating along on a yacht from picturesque view to picturesque view, add a little variety to your trip.

A Chartered Yachting Cruise Checks All the Boxes


All of the above is definitely a lot to consider when booking an upcoming vacation. The good news? A charter yachting cruise checks all the right boxes and more. 


Privacy? What’s more private than your own private yacht in the middle of the sea, floating from small island to small island?


Stress? Forget about it! A chartered yacht cruise (especially if you book with Suite Life) will come with all the details already sorted, so all you have to do is book, show up and have an amazing time.

Population? If you’re chartering a yacht cruise through the U.S. Virgin Islands or British Virgin Islands, two very popular yachting destinations, you’re only going to see a population density of between 500 and 800 people per square mile. Compare that to the population density of New York City (66,940 people per square mile) or even Los Angeles (7,544 people per square mile) and you can see a huge difference.


Healthcare? Again, if you’re in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you’ll be dealing with the United States healthcare system, meaning you can expect the same service, insurance coverage and more that you’d experience at home. 


Creature comforts, luxury and size? A private yachting cruise gives you the homey feel of a private yacht, with more than enough room for you and your extended family or friends, while being ultra-luxurious at the same time.


And, of course, you won’t find the same variety you get with a yachting cruise anywhere else. The world (and all its seas) is your oyster.


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Explore the extraordinary charter options with Suite Life and make memories to last a lifetime. 

What to Expect on a Suite Life Yachting Cruise

A Suite Life Yachting cruise is the perfect option for your next big trip. We take into account all the different priorities travelers like yourself will have in this new world of travel that demands a higher level of privacy, safety and comfort. 


The Suite Life experience is easy, stress-free and luxurious, with no work needed on your part. Our staff provides the private chef and bartending services, a private captain and personal concierge to set up any spa, scuba or other activity appointments you may want. Everything’s taken care of and there’s more variety and excitement onboard than you ever thought possible — you’ll get a different Caribbean view every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Plus, if you were to book the same experience with a private Caribbean villa on the small islands we visit throughout the USVI or BVI, you’d easily be spending thousands more per week, after factoring in transportation, food, drinks, a personal chef, access to water toys and more.


So, what are you waiting for? We may not be able to travel right this second, but there’s no reason to not start planning your next adventure now. 


Get in touch to discuss your private and luxurious Caribbean yachting cruise, courtesy of The Suite Life.

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Our fee structure is all-inclusive, meals, alcohol, fuel, private chef, everything! Just let us know how many guests and days!. 

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