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Spending Christmas
 in the Most Beautiful Corner of the Caribbean

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Christmas in the U.S. Virgin Islands


Many travelers choose to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands over the Christmas season for several reasons. December kicks off the tourist season in the USVI (which, yes, could mean higher tourist rates at big resorts and hotels — just one reason why you might want to consider staying on a yacht charter instead). You’ll find warm temperatures in the 80s during the day and cooler, windier temperatures at night. Not to mention, there’s plenty to do and see in December, from can’t-miss holiday events to activities the region is known for, like snorkeling. 


The best part is American travelers find visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands incredibly easy. As an American territory, the islands are accessible with no passport or special documentation required, and travelers can often expect the same level of service and basic amenities that they could in any American destination. The territory’s primary airport is located on St. Thomas, but from there, travelers can easily head out by boat to the territory’s other two islands, St. Croix and St. John.

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Spend this Holiday Season Island Hopping!

Swap your Christmas tree out for palm trees this season, with a trip to the beautiful Virgin Islands over the Christmas holiday. There’s no better time to get away from the snow and slush than during one of the most festive times of year. 


The Virgin Islands know how to throw a party, and the same can be said around Christmastime. Once you’ve experienced Christmas in the Virgin Islands, you won’t want to celebrate any other way. 


What exactly can you expect from a holiday season in this gorgeous locale? Think sunny skies and endless beaches, instead of snow piles and icy roads; think luxurious accommodations and unprecedented privacy, instead of being crammed into one tiny house with your entire family; think exciting adventures and a new view from your private yacht every day, rather than the same glum, winter scenery you’ve been staring at for months. We know how we’d rather spend Christmas! 


The U.S. Virgin Islands Beckon


Everything you need to know about
your island vacation.


The Crucian Christmas Festival


The St. Croix Crucian Christmas Festival and Carnival is a month-long celebration that is one of the largest and most popular that the territory hosts. Events take place starting the first weekend in December and then last all through the first weekend in January (which also means that, if you want to catch some Christmas fun in the islands, but don’t want to miss the actual Christmas holiday with your family in the States, it’s totally possible to have both!).  


Events mainly take place in the St. Croix cities of Christiansted and Frederiksted. Expect calypso shows, Latin live music, classic St. Croix cuisine (the island is known for its amazing food!), parades, street parties and more. 

Christmas Traditions in the U.S. Virgin Islands


Want to make your Christmas in the USVI as authentic as possible? There are a few fun ways to do so, and it starts with your Christmas meal. Guavaberry rum, sweet bread and ham are standard  (and delicious!) Christmas Day fare.


You can also catch amazing live musicians performing your favorite Christmas carols at the annual Challenge of Carols event at Emancipation Garden on St. Thomas.  A short stroll away from this park enjoy a walk along the brand new waterfront promenade, with seating and steps down to the water for all to enjoy. Watch the beautiful sunset on Charlotte Amalie bay as you toast from one of the many elegant and casual dining areas on the waterfront. Top of your night by watching the annual boat parade! Spectators on the waterfront are active participants in the parade as they catch the candy Christmas treats tossed from the passing boats.

Egg Nog Caribbean Style


There is a popular Christmas song in the Virgin Islands that goes “Good Mornin, Good Mornin, ah come fo’ me Guavaberry; Good Mornin, Good Mornin to you and all your family”. It was written by the late, Virgin Islands’ composer Bill La Motta and is known as the Guavaberry Song. It is popular and cherished because it celebrates the very special Christmas tradition of Guavaberry Rum.


People in the Caribbean began making Guavaberry liquor centuries ago by mixing together guavaberries, rum and sugar. It is most popular in the Virgin Islands, St. Maarten and in the Dominican Republic’s eastern town of San Pedro de Macoris which has a large population of Eastern Caribbean descent. The liqueur has a fruity, spicy, bitter yet sweet taste. It is very hard to find outside of the Caribbean.


No Passport Needed!


Everything you need to know about your Virgin Island vacation. 

Holiday Season Drink

In the Virgin Islands handmade Guavaberry Rum is produced using family recipes. The drink is made of rum, spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, sugar, guavaberries and a few other secret ingredients! Traditionally the ingredients are placed together in a large glass demijohn and put away to blend for several weeks until Christmas of that year, or for better blending and aging until the following year. 

It is considered a special part of local tradition and culture. Mention Guavaberry to an older member of the community and a sense of nostalgia takes over of Christmas in the old days and of community. Holidays of yesteryear often included friends and family caroling house to house within their circle or neighborhood. The stops included a few snacks and a drink, most often a small sample of the family’s Guavaberry Rum.


Today Guavaberry Rum is still a very important part of Christmas celebrations. Families during the holidays often have discussions about who has made the best Guavaberry. For those that still make it their Guavaberry Rum provides a sense of pride, a continuation of heritage and of Christmas tradition.


Power Yacht Charters


Yachting through the Caribbean on your own private luxury yacht is the ultimate vacation. Now's the time to make it a reality.  


The Best Way to Spend Christmas in the Virgin Islands? On Your Very Own Charter Cruise!

Does all of the above sound like the perfect way for you and your family to spend your Christmas? It can all be yours — and effortlessly — when you experience Christmas in the Virgin Islands with a charted cruise aboard a private, luxury yacht. 

Why a Charter Cruise is the Best Way to See the Caribbean


1. Convenience


If you really want to experience the best of the Virgin Islands as a whole over the Christmas season, versus just seeing and experiencing Christmas on one island, a charter cruise is the most convenient way to do so.


Think about it. If you’re trying to island hop on your own, you’ll be paying for a whole range of services — multiple hotel stays or villa rentals, multiple boat trips between islands, etc. — and then you actually have to put the work into planning the itinerary all on your own.


A charter cruise offers the convenience of not only helping you plan your Christmas itinerary, but also providing everything you need in one bundled package — transportation, luxury lodging, fine dining, entertainment and more. 


The convenience is unmatched — and during the holiday season, we could all use a little less stress. 

2. Privacy


Travelers this holiday season are concerned about their families’ safety and health, which is entirely understandable. Chartering your own luxury yacht for your trip to the Virgin Islands gives you and your fellow travelers an added layer of privacy, so there’s no worry of being in large crowds like what you might find in a resort or hotel. 


Additionally, this privacy makes for a more intimate experience, perfect for couples, families or groups of friends who want to celebrate the holiday in their own, luxurious space. 

3. Personalization

When staying at a hotel, booking with a travel agent or even going on a traditional cruise, there’s only so much personalization you can get. That’s not the case with a charter cruise. 


When you’re sailing on your own luxury yacht for a week or more, it’s all up to you. The destinations, the activities, the entertainment — whatever your heart desires, that’s what’ll happen. However you envision your perfect Caribbean Christmas, it’s a reality. 

Why Suite Life Yachting Offers the Best Charter Cruise Experience in the Caribbean


When picking a charter cruise provider for your Caribbean Christmas getaway, there are a few things you want to look for, including level of service, amenities and experience in the industry. Suite Life Yachting has you covered on all fronts. 


We offer our clients individualized, personalized experiences throughout their entire cruise. Our captain, concierge and even on-board personal chef all have extensive experience working and living in the Virgin Islands, and they can assist you in making your trip one to remember. 


It all starts when you arrive in St. Thomas, where guests are picked up at Yacht Haven Grande. You’ll board our 92-foot luxury yacht and then it’s off to any of the 60 islands and cays across the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. It’s all up to you! 


Spread out across the yacht’s four staterooms and ample living space, and take full advantage of all the water sports that come included with your charter, such as snorkeling, tubing and paddle boarding. Your meals, beverages and snacks are included as well, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. 


Whether you daydream of a rejuvenating and quieter island getaway or an adventure-filled jaunt across the Caribbean, we can make it happen. Christmas is one of the most popular times for visiting the Virgin Islands for a reason — see what all the fuss is about!


Don’t wait another second to begin planning your Christmas getaway.

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Our fee structure is all-inclusive, meals, alcohol, fuel, private chef, everything! Just let us know how many guests and days!. 

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