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Best (Floating) Beach Bars


The U.S. and British Virgin Islands have some of the most unique and colorful beach bars in all of the Caribbean. With over 60+ islands and cays there are plenty of hidden and special beach but as well FLOATING bars to choose from and experience. Here are some of our top picks - only accessible by boat - so come aboard!

  • No bar stools required, just pull up a float at the Taco Bar as featured on Travel & Leisure called Lime Out!

  • In the mood for a wood-fired Pizza - no problem - this floating pizza boat, located in the famed Christmas cove, is perfect!

  • Pirate's Life for Me! One of our favorite's is a floating pirate ship called the Willy T. Nestled in a notorious cove on Norman Island that inspired Never-never land, and 'yes' gold was found here! 

  • Foxy's is a must-see...and considered by many to be THE Caribbean Beach Bar...some even get to meet the legend himself, Foxy. 


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  • The list is not complete without mentioning the "Soggy Dollar" named such as you must swim to shore to get their world renowned Pain Killer.

  • Hidden from most, near THE Corona remote beach,
    B-Line is the real-deal, locally owned and operated by Bunky himself!

There are many more Captain Roy will take you to....or not! Our onboard crew is also known as one of the best floating beach bars! Enjoy!

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