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Spending New Year's Eve
 in the Caribbean

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New Year’s in the U.S. Virgin Islands


The New Year’s holiday in the U.S. Virgin Islands is an affair not to be missed. For several years running, the territory has been one of the trendiest New Year’s Eve destinations in the Caribbean, with increasing numbers of travelers looking to spend the holiday on St. Thomas. 


There are a few reasons why this is the case.


St. Thomas is incredibly easy to get to from the United States, thanks to increasing air service from major hubs all across the country. Beyond this, St. Thomas is just very convenient for U.S. travelers. There’s no need for a passport, visa or any special documentation or waits in long immigration lines. Just hop off the plane and you’re on your way to the beach. 


Of course, it also helps that the USVI celebrates New Year’s Eve in high style, with its annual Crucian Christmas Festival. . 

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Sail the Virgin Islands while you ring in the New Year!

You could spend your New Year’s Eve - whichever day you celebrate it -  trudging through snow drifts and frigid temperatures just to get to your favorite party spots (which is a pain in of itself — when you add in formal wear, things get even messier). 


So instead, you could spend the weeks and days leading up to the big day meticulously planning out the perfect party that you host in your own home (a headache even if it wasn’t already the holiday season). 


Of course, if you want to avoid the hassle of all this altogether, you could just spend another quiet evening in front of the television, toasting your cat at the stroke of midnight.


Or, you could spend New Year’s Eve welcoming the new year in high style and high temperatures, from the luxurious comfort of a private yacht charter, island hopping across the Caribbean.  


We know which option we’d rather pick — and you probably have an inkling which option you’d prefer as well. 


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Everything you need to know about
your island vacation.


The Crucian Christmas Festival


Don’t let the name fool you. The Crucian Christmas Festival is not just any one-day celebration. This is an all-out bash that takes place over an entire month on St. Croix (giving you an excellent excuse to stop by this increasingly popular island within the territory).


The Crucian Christmas Festival kicks off the first Saturday in December, but then lasts all through the first Saturday of the new year. Live music, parades and all kinds of parties make up this festival, with a grand finale fireworks show on New Year’s Eve. The party then goes on for a few more days, giving you plenty of time to soak up the fun. 

New Year’s in the British Virgin Islands


Visiting the British Virgin Islands for New Year’s Eve is just a tad more complicated than visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands for Americans, but you’ll still hardly notice any inconvenience. Yes, you’ll need your passport, but that’s about it. 


You can still take advantage of those plenteous flight options from the United States to St. Thomas, and then hop a boat from the U.S. Virgin Islands to the British Virgin Islands (allowing you to see more islands in one trip!). 


The British Virgin Islands do New Year’s Eve their own way and some have even called the BVI the “New Year’s Eve capital of the Caribbean.” You won’t have to look long or hard for a party here. 


Boat-hopping and yacht-hopping New Year’s Eve parties are plentiful, as are celebrations in the local beach bars and restaurants. Just remember — the locals call it Old Year’s Night rather than New Year’s Eve. 

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Upgrade Your New Year’s Eve Celebration with a Charter Cruise


So, is the Caribbean calling your name for this New Year’s? One of the best ways to upgrade your Caribbean New Year’s Eve celebration is with a chartered cruise aboard your own private yacht. 


Foxy’s Bar and Restaurant: The Best BVI Party Spot


One of the most highly acclaimed and most talked about Old Year’s Night party spots across the British Virgin Islands is Foxy’s Bar and Restaurant. Each year, Foxy’s holds a huge celebration on the island of Jost Van Dyke, with a theme, live music, great food and free-flowing drinks. Get ready to dance and drink to your heart’s content at this party — it lasts for 48 hours. You can enhance your experience at the bash by purchasing a VIP pass, which comes with even more perks.


Of course, if you want a more family-friendly vibe, you can find that, too. Enjoy some daytime diversions over the holiday, with the Trellis Bay New Year’s Eve Festival, which starts at noon and then lasts until the fireworks displays in the evening hours. 


3. Added Luxury


You could book a lone hotel room and see a lone island during your New Year’s trip to the Caribbean… Or, you could book a chartered yacht that’s essentially your own private, floating, three-story villa, with four guest staterooms, three different dining areas, two bars and two jacuzzis, totaling 3,200 square feet of space all to yourself. 


Beyond the luxury of the yacht itself, you’ll see so much more of the Caribbean when you have a private vessel at your disposal, giving you the ability to hop from island to island in a snap, seeing something new and exciting every single day of your trip. 


4. That Local Touch


While it might not be the case with every charter provider in the Caribbean, when you book with Suite Life Yachting, you’re working with locals, who can provide you with insider knowledge on the best ways to see the region based on your interests and preferences. Captain Roy and his partner Ann have lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands for almost 20 years! Even the Suite Life Yachting chef, with his years of culinary experience, is a St. John’s resident. 


We’ll be able to point you to the best spots and ways to spend New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean. 


2. Privacy


Maybe you want to celebrate the New Year’s in the Caribbean as part of a larger celebration, such as a honeymoon or birthday. Maybe you want a little more privacy than what you might get at a hotel. Maybe you just want to avoid all the loud and raucous crowds that come out on New Year’s Eve. 


Whatever the reason, you’ll enjoy abundant privacy when you book a chartered yacht. Instead of being crammed into a ballroom ringing in the new year with a thousand other travelers, you’ll be toasting the stroke of midnight with only your favorite people around you. 

Why a Charter Cruise is the Best Way to See the Caribbean


1. Personalization


With a charter cruise on your own private yacht, there’s no end to the personalization that can happen to ensure your experience is precisely suited for you and your partner, friends or family members. 


See the spots you want to see. Enjoy the activities you’ve always wanted to try, from snorkeling among schools of vibrant fish to paddle boarding along the Caribbean’s cerulean waves. Eat the food you like and indulge in the drinks you prefer. Everything is catered to your preferences and no two trips are the same.


On a charter, everything is centered around your travel dreams. That’s something you just won’t get with a tour provider, travel agent, standard resort, cruise line or any of the other travel and accommodations options found throughout the region. 

Power Yacht Charters


Yachting through the Caribbean on your own private luxury yacht is the ultimate vacation. Now's the time to make it a reality.  

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Explore the extraordinary charter options with Suite Life and make memories to last a lifetime. 

What to Expect on a Suite Life Yachting Cruise


The Suite Life Yachting cruise experience is individualized from start to finish. You and your traveling companions — whether that’s your children, parents or a group of your favorite friends — will enjoy living aboard our 92-foot luxury yacht, with its four staterooms and ample space for fun, both in the water and out. 


All of your meals, beverages and snacks are included in your experience and provided by the yacht’s personal chef. 


Water sports are also included, so you can paddle board, snorkel and tube as much as you want.


The yacht’s crew will take care of the travel and food, and all you have to do is sit back and have a great time. 


You are picked up at Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas, making it extremely easy for you to hop off your flight from the States and then hop onto the yacht within minutes. From there, we’ll take you across the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, to your pick of more than 60 islands and cays. 


The options for adventure and relaxation are endless, whether you want to spend your time soaking up the sun on hidden beaches, partying all night long at some of the Caribbean’s best New Year’s Eve parties, or exploring the abundant culture across the Virgin Isles. 


So, what are you waiting for? Suite Life Yachting is currently accepting reservations for the New Year’s holiday and beyond. 

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Our fee structure is all-inclusive, meals, alcohol, fuel, private chef, everything! Just let us know how many guests and days!. 

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