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Fishing the U.S. Virgin Islands


Great Fun, Onshore or Offshore!

Whether you're a casual participant or an avid fishing fan, the U.S. Virgin Islands offers all types of fishing experience both inshore and offshore. 


For starters you can simply cast right off the oversized swimming platform aboard Suite Life! This is especially fun to do at night when all the Tarpon come by to say hello - so close you feel like you could catch them with your hands. Other USVI inshore fishes include Kingfish, Barracuda, Bonito, Jacks or Yellowtail Snapper.  


Or let us arrange for you an offshore fishing experience in pursuit of Marlin, Sailfish, Dolphin Fish (Mahi-Mahi), Wahoo and Tuna. The USVI truly offers experiences for all enthusiasts. 




Visitors and recreational fishers do not, according to current fishing regulations in the Virgin Islands, need a fishing permit to go on a fishing trip. This exemption is inclusive of individuals who are fishing only for the purpose of eating the fish themselves or feeding their families. People that catch and release fish back into the waters also do not need any licenses.

One big condition here is that individuals on a recreational fishing trip cannot sell their catch to another party. They are also not allowed to use bulk-fishing tools like set-nets, traps, haul seines, and pots.

Commercial fishing requires special commercial fishing licenses. 

Regulations for Certain Species.


Regarding species, here are a few fishing regulations in the Virgin Islands. This is not a comprehensive list. 

  • All sea turtles are endangered. It is illegal to harvest or harass sea turtles or their eggs. 

  • The Jewfish (Goliath Grouper) is considered as an endangered species. No possession and no harvest is allowed. 

  • You can only catch lobsters by hand, through a trap, or snare. Spearfishing is not allowed.

  • Conch with a length less than 9 inches from the spire to the distal end is protected. You cannot possess, remove, or injure any undersized conch.

Since this list is by no means comprehensive, you can check out this PDF Booklet for more details regarding various species.

The Sea Beckons

Everything you need to know about
fishing in the USVI.

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